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Your Blueprint for

6 Weeks:

C-Level Success

Gain the tools you need and the roadmap required for C-Level success

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6 Weeks | 2-4 hours per week


10 sessions

Are You Ready to Learn How to Become a C-Level Executive? 

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Do you want to advance in your career and have a seat at the table?

Have you ever wondered why you’ve come in second during job interviews?

Do you get great reviews, lots of accolades but not the promotion? 

Do you want feedback to help you become a better executive?

Do you know what holds you back? 

Would you like to have a tested CEO Blueprint with the steps that will help you guarantee your success?

Would you like to build a network to support you on your C-Level journey?

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

—Fred DeVito

Learn What It Takes to Become a CEO or C-Level Executive

Join us for our 






What you will gain and learn

Learn Susan Robertson’s unique methodology, the 4 Cs of C-Level Success.  To become a

C-Level Executive you need to know, understand, and implement the 4-Cs, Clarity, Commitment, Catalyzation, and Consistency.

Explore the Difference Between High Performing Leaders and Executives

Becoming a C-Level executive means transitioning from being a great leader to an executive leader. Learn the difference between

the two.

Bloom Where You Are Planted: Find Your Solution. Many leaders ask, how do I get recognized and promoted? Why do I keep getting passed over? I've applied for many roles within my organization and have great reviews, but I never seem to get selected. Learn how to develop and transform your brand and reputation.

Learn the C-Suite Skills that Matter the Most.

  • Determine the critical business skills required to get your seat at the table.

  • Explore your emotional intelligence strengths and opportunities.

  • Identify leadership behaviors that derail.

  • Understand why emotional intelligence is the tie-breaker.

Create your distinction.

  • Explore how to distinguish yourself and get recognized and hired for a C-Level role.

  • Learn the common mistakes good leaders make that prevent them from moving up.

  • Rework your resume and LinkedIn profile, so you stand out.

Track Your Progress and Milestones.  Throughout the live workshop, you will gain insight from your fellow classmates, gain feedback from each other, and support each other while tracking progress and hitting milestones. 

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Distinction - Sets You Apart from Everyone Else

What is your distinction?

Meet Susan Robertson

With over 32 years of experience...

  1. Coached and Mentored 27 CEOs

  2. Coached and Mentored over 200+ C-Level Executives

  3. Supported and Developed 1000+ Leaders into Senior Roles

  4. Author: REAL Leadership Waken to Wisdom

  5. Author: REAL Culture Your Competitive Advantage

  6. Organizational and Cultural Change Expert

  7. Builder of High Performing Teams

CEO and Founder

Linceis Conscious Business

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Susan, my best coach ever!!

Andres Merino Cangas

Provida AFP | President

As part of the live Blueprint to C-Level Success receive the following bonuses:

Bonus #1

Invitation to 3 interactive webinars on the following topics:
  1. Build a resume that creates distinction. Did you know you have only between 6-20 seconds to make an impression on a recruiter or CHRO. Listen to the experts on how to have your resume make it to the top of the pile. 

  2. Learn politics. We hear it all the time, “I hate politics.” Politics are part of corporate life. Learning how to navigate politics is essential for your career track,

  3. What CEO’s and Boards Look For. There are very few positions at the top, know what CEO’s and Board’s look for in senior executives so you can build your roadmap to success. 

Bonus #2

Access to our REAL Cultural: 4 Tips to Create Peak Performing Teams and Culture.

Bonus #3

If you sign up for the bundle package, you will receive 2 additional coaching sessions at no charge.  Value of $2000

Next Steps: What to Expect


Enroll in the #6WeekBlueprint for C-Level Success.


You will gain immediate access to the Blueprint for C-Level Success On-Demand course and the REAL Culture: 4 Tips to Create Peak Performing Teams and Culture.


Receive Logistical Data. 

10 Sessions. Meeting dates.  Tuesday 7-8:15pm (ET) and Thursday afternoon

4-5pm (ET)


Access to C-Level Live. This is our private monthly group coaching program designed to help you achieve your C-Level goal.​


High-touch coaching: The weekly classes consists of course content, question and answer, break-out groups, feedback, and individualized coaching. The recorded classes allow you to review the content on demand.


Guest speakers focused on various topics: What C-Level executives look for when promoting from within. What do CEO's and Boards look for? How to make your resume stand out. Learn to manage internal politics.

#6WeekBlueprint for C-Level Success

Most popular 

3 Customized Coaching Sessions

Bonus: 2 more Customized Coaching Session


Bundled Pricing

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