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Blueprint to
C-Level Success

Course starts January 11, 2024!


Course Description

This comprehensive program is designed to guide you toward achieving the esteemed positions of CEO, C-Level Executive, or Executive Vice President. Whether you currently hold the role of a Vice President or aspire to reach the C-suite, this program will provide you with the tools and knowledge to ascend the corporate ladder and set yourself apart from your peers.


Through this program, you will gain access to a proven methodology known as the "4Cs," which has successfully propelled leaders like yourself to the highest echelons of corporate leadership. You will embark on a journey to clarify your values, motivations, and aspirations, enabling you to chart a path to your desired role. Additionally, you will uncover the factors that drive your progress and identify any obstacles holding you back. By the end of the program and coaching sessions, you will possess a customized blueprint for success, complete with a well-defined six-month plan.

Key Course Take Aways

Learn the steps you need to achieve your career aspiration

Uncover what’s holding you back

Master and demonstrate Executive Presence

Determine if you are making the right career moves

Understand why you have potentially been passed over

Save 25% with Promotion Code: January25

Enroll by January11th

How It Works

Program Duration

3 months


On-line and Instructor-led virtual classroom

Class Size

Under 20 students

Executive Coaching

(4) 1 on 1 sessions


2-4 hours per week


On-line, Virtual Class, Executive Coaching

Receive a FREE additional Executive Coaching Session

5 Reasons Why You Want to Take Our Blueprint for C-Level Success Program



Amplify your voice and distinguish yourself, and take the steps you need to set yourself apart and ensure your unique talents, achievements, and knowledge are fully recognized.


Identify C-Level Traits and Competencies

Uncover the sought-after traits and C-Level expectations. Align your qualifications and reputation accordingly, and boost your chances of securing a spot in the C-Suite or stepping into the CEO role.


Identify Potential Sabotage Behaviors

Steer clear of spontaneous, reactive responses to unconscious triggers and morph into a wiser decision-maker who avoids reputation-damaging career-stunting errors.


Develop Political Savvy

Empower yourself with the necessary strategies, skills, and resources to thrive in a cutthroat corporate world. Learn to forge solid relationships, make savvy decisions, and smoothly steer through the corporate political terrain. 


Evolve From A Competent Leader Into A C-suite Executive

Experience a transformative shift as you move from an accomplished leader to an innovative, determined, inspiring, results-driven, respected, and highly successful business executive.

Meet our Facilitators


Susan Robertson

Founder and Managing Partner

Susan Robertson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC (LCB), focusing on executive leadership and cultural transformation for over 34 years. She is the author of REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom and advocates for companies to be both profitable and compassionate. Susan's expertise lies in supporting leaders, teams, and organizations through the REAL methodology, enhancing bottom-line performance. She enjoys meditation, hiking, and skiing with her family.


Cynthia Medaglia

Managing Partner

Cynthia Medaglia is the Co-Owner and COO of Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC. With 35 years of experience in the energy sector, she is known for her leadership and team-building skills. Cynthia's current focus is on enhancing organizational culture and developing managers into leaders. Outside of work, she cherishes time with her family and embraces new experiences and travel opportunities.

Should Enroll

Directors, Vice Presidents or Senior Vice Presidents looking to be promoted or become a C-Level Executive.


Davild Walker_edited.jpg

I had the pleasure of engaging Susan as an executive coach recently. What I experienced was unexpected. She has a unique talent. Within a few conversations, we were old friends and colleagues who communicated openly and honestly about opportunities and unexplored ideas. I can gratefully say that I count Susan (Su) as a trusted advisor and confidante who helped me tap into energies that I had not previously (...). A better version of you might be found here.

David Walker

Vice President | Sodexo

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