REAL Leadership: An Introduction

REAL Leadership: An Introduction is a short primer, extracted from Susan H. Robertson’s bestselling book, REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom. This e-book is a short guide to get you started, immediately on becoming a more effective leader.

This quick read outlines the components of a REAL leader, one who leads with a resilient mindset, engagement behaviors, agile capabilities and with leadership wisdom. Understand why these key competencies are important and how they positively affect your employees, your peers and your organization.

REAL Leadership: An Introduction includes a summary of how to overcome limiting beliefs that may unconsciously be holding you back from reaching your potential of being a REAL leader. This powerful e-book gives you tried and true tips and tools for change to help you create a habit of leading more elegantly and effectively.

Download it today and become a REAL leader.

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REAL Leadership: An Introduction

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