REAL Leadership… How to Meditate

REAL Leadership and meditation go hand-in-hand. Join us as Susan Robertson talks about how to meditate and how the practice of meditation can significantly reduce stress, improve emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

But why meditate?
How does meditation improve leadership effectiveness, teamwork, corporate culture, and business results? Mindful leadership includes meditative practice.

Leadership Derailment:
Generally, leadership derailment behaviors stem from stress-related defensive behaviors and beliefs. When people get stressed, we develop coping behaviors that may not always be useful. When we realize what triggers our non-useful behavior, we can decode our reactions and rewire ourselves for more powerful leadership behaviors.

Stress Reduction and Well-Being:
Meditation helps to lower the stress reaction. When faced with difficult challenges, we enter into a defensive flight or fight response. While this is a short-term remedy, our defensive behavioral response may not always be the best behavior that we can exhibit. Reducing stress is key to healthy, high-performing leadership behavior.

Creativity comes when we silence the noise and allow the free flow of thoughts. With the continual challenges that everyone faces, we need creativity to help us problem solve.

What is meditation?
During this webinar, we will explore the various forms of meditation. We will look at how meditation impacts leadership behaviors, teamwork, and effective culture.

Speaker: Susan’s Bio
Since the age of 14, Susan Robertson has practiced meditation. She says she is still learning to meditate. As an entrepreneur, executive coach, and organizational change expert, Susan relies on meditation to help with creativity, reduce the noise, write, to help other leaders, teams, and companies become better.

Additionally, Susan is a kundalini, chair, and restorative yoga teacher. She is the Co-Founder of Linceis Conscious Business Group, Stop At Nothing, and Spirit Wisdom You. Her purpose is to help others find inner peace, freedom from fear, and to find the best person everyone can be.

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Jul 15 2021


Eastern Time
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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