REAL Talk… “You don’t see color, but should you?”

When we look up at the night sky we see stars and constellations. While constellations as a whole are beautiful to look at, often we enjoy seeing the brilliance of a single star that stands out and catches our eye.
To build a truly diverse culture means seeing the constellations but more importantly, diversity, equity, and inclusion mean allowing the individual to start to shine.

When we recognize and value the differences between people, we can build more powerful teams. Additionally, when we see the individual stars on our teams, we can help them develop, grow and shine even more brightly. This is how you build a highly diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.

Join us for our REAL Talk discussion on how to balance:
* Seeing the differences between people
* Creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging for everyone.

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Apr 15 2021


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

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Susan Robertson
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