Mindful Leadership Journey

The Best of the Best

For high-potential leaders or senior executives who want complete personal and professional transformation

Our Mindful Leadership Journey combines the best-in-class learning approaches to help individuals transform themselves and the way they lead. This program lasts a minimum of 12-months and often spans the course of 2-years. Leaders start with attending the High Impact Leadership Seminar facilitated by our partner company Stop At Nothing. Additionally, clients attend individualized and customized 1-1 coaching sessions to ensure deep personal transformation.

Step One

  • REAL Leadership Baseline
  • REAL Culture Baseline
  • Deep Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Step Two

  • High Impact Leadership Series
  • 1.5 day Coaching Intensive (Includes Mindful Meditation Training)

Step Three

  • Monthly Leadership & Culture Coaching
  • On-demand Coaching
  • Executive and Strategic Business Consulting

Step Four

  • Continual Pulse Measurement & Micro-Learning Path 
  • On-Line Courses to Supplement Coaching and Consulting
  • Recommended Fieldwork/Behavioral Strategies

Step Five

  • Post Measure
  • Final Report
  • Sustainability Plan

Ready to level up?

3-Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

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