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Develop Strategies for Improving Emotional Intelligence and Increasing Your Leadership Effectiveness.
Learn How to Overcome Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Removing the Brakes on Your Career.

Learn the 4C's of  Success to Help You Achieve Your Career Aspirations.

Elevate your Executive Presence and Increase Your Impact and Gain Your Seat At The Table.

In this workshop, participants engage in various insightful experiences and behavioral change activities to uncover the underlying intentions, motives, and emotional catalysts that steer all behaviors.

Self-sabotage and derailment behaviors are thoroughly examined, and participants engage in exercises to eradicate counterproductive tendencies while fostering more effective leadership habits.



US$ 5,750


October 23-27, 2023.


The Omni Hotel, Charlottesville, VA.


Start - Monday, 4 PM

Finish - Friday, 11:30 AM

By participating in this workshop,

Become more resilient and agile.

Inspire engagement and followership.

Collaborate more effectively with peers.

Create internal alignment with their teams.

Communicate better.

Eliminate self-sabotaging leadership behaviors.

Balance business issues with people leadership.

Draw on deep self-awareness and adaptability to level-up leadership effectiveness.

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REAL Leadership Workshop

Additionally, you will:

Begin a Journey

This is a 5-month journey with like-minded people that combines executive coaching, digital learning, and an in-person workshop.

Explore and Strengthen your skills
Explore and Gain Insight

Obtain a leadership behavioral baseline using our REAL Leadership 360™ Assessment, the Hogan Insight Series, and other assessments.

Strengthen and Develop

Using our on-demand REAL Leadership Master Series combined with private group coaching, you gain the skills you need to improve your managerial and leadership skills.

Partner with Others

Partner with others in the course for prework, group coaching, and on-going support.

Sustainably Transform your Leadership Effectiveness
Executive Coaching

You will receive two individual executive coaching sessions pre and post the workshop. Executive coaching helps to create sustained behavioral change and effectiveness.

Group Coaching

You are invited to participate in two group coaching sessions upon completion of the workshop. Group coaching creates a think tank and feedback loop to ensure responsibility, accountability, and change.

What Our Clients are Saying

Despite COVID, my team and I had a highly successful year. We did the best globally, at 40% exceeded results. To a person, each team member felt it was the collaboration sessions combined with the cultural pulse analytics that led to our success.

J.A. Head of Client Services, Fortune 200

Let's  Begin


US$ 5,750


The Omni Hotel, Charlottesville, VA.
Start Monday at 4:00 pm.

Finish on Friday, at 11:30 am.

Class size is limited to 12 people.


October 23-27, 2023.

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