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Executive Coaching

The Best of the Best

For high-potential leaders or senior executives who want complete personal and professional transformation

Our Executive Coaching Process combines the best-in-class learning approaches to help individuals transform themselves and the way they lead. This program lasts a minimum of 12 months and often spans the course of 2 years. Leaders start by attending the REAL Leadership Workshop. Additionally, clients attend individualized and customized 1-1 coaching sessions to ensure deep personal transformation.

Today’s leaders face many unique challenges. With the COVID and the economic impact of COVID, the millennials now in leadership positions, with Gen Z right behind, the economic uncertainty, it is important to develop leaders with powerful resilience, strong self-awareness, who are flexible and adaptable and can lead others through volatility, complexity, and uncertainty. Mindfulness and emotional intelligence are essential for effective leadership.

4 C’s of Coaching:
Clarity – Commitment – Catalyzation – Consistency


Begin with identifying what your intentions and aspirations are, and what fits into the ecology of your life. You will:


  • Learn how the peaks and valleys of your life impact your leadership effectiveness, your executive presence, and your ability communicate and influence.

  • Define your "from" and your "to" while identifying strengths and gaps.

  • Align your personal non-negotiable with your career aspirations.


Learn what your true commitments are and how your derailing leadership counter-commitments prevent you from achieving your goals. You will:

  • Identify critical leadership and emotional intelligence derailers and clarify how you get triggered into non-useful behavioral patterns.

  • Understand essential resume do's and don'ts.

  • Learn your preferred thinking and leadership style and what you need to develop as a C-Level Executive.


Effective executives continually learn and development themselves. You will:

  • Understand the power and importance of influence, politics, and political savvy.

  • Learn how to self-manage and transform leadership derailment behavior into useful behaviors. Use the power of intention and purpose to build a meaningful life and career path.


Your Blueprint depends upon your experience, capabilities and emotional intelligence. You will:

  • Discern and learn what CEOs and Boards look for in their top level executives

  • Identify your core capabilities and business experience and map out your next steps.

  • Build your business and emotional intelligence skills to transform you from a high-performing leader into a business executive.

Benefits of the 4Cs of Leadership Success

Individual change accelerates team change,
Team change fuels culture change.

Executive Coaching Process

Our 6-12 month process is customized to meet your unique needs. We start with understanding your goals for your executive coaching process and then we build an appropriate coaching plan that ensures you are able to learn what you want to learn and achieve your goals.

Once we understand your goals and we create a mutually agreed upon contract and commitment, you will be given a series of articles, books, and fieldwork to help you explore, strengthen, and transform your leadership capabilities.

Colleagues at Work

Step 1

  • REAL Leadership Baseline.

  • REAL Culture Baseline.

  • Deep Emotional Intelligence Assessments.

Business Meeting
  • REAL Leadership Workshop.

  • 1.5 day Coaching Intensive (Includes Mindful Meditation Training).

Step 2

  • Monthly Leadership & Culture Coaching,

  • On-demand Coaching

  • Executive and Strategic Business Consulting.

Step 3

  • Continual Pulse Measurement & Micro-Learning Path.

  • On-Line Courses to Supplement Coaching and Consulting.

  • Recommended Fieldwork/Behavioral Strategies.

Step 4

Leadership 360
  • Post Measure.

  • Final Report.

  • Sustainability Plan.

Step 5

We will create the coaching schedule, set mile markers to ensure progress, and on an as-needed basis you will receive ad-hoc coaching for those times when issues arise and you just need someone to bounce ideas and challenge your thought process, schedule an on-demand coaching session.

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