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Books for leadership and cultural transformation

The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change by Susan Robertson

The Secret Sauce for
Leading Transformational

Ian Ziskin, the Consorting for Change (C4C) and Susan Robertson (Collaborator)

In her essay "Cultural Transformation" in this book, Susan Robertson highlights the importance of a strong and collaborative culture in achieving positive results. She tells the story of a senior executive from a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company whose company culture resulted in low employee engagement and high attrition rates. Susan emphasizes that a powerful culture is essential for aligning values and behaviors with organizational goals. She motivates us to strive for a culture that brings out the best in everyone.

The 4C Strategy Executive and C-Level Success by Susan Robertson

The 4C Strategy
Executive and C-Level Success

By Susan Robertson

Discover the keys to reaching executive and senior-level roles with our one-of-a-kind eBook. This valuable resource will demonstrate that success is achievable through acquiring the necessary skills, following a clear path, and distinguishing yourself from the competition. Our eBook highlights the significance of evolving into a strategic and forward-thinking leader, essential for those aiming for executive or C-level positions. Don't hesitate, get your hands on our eBook today and embark on the journey towards your desired career!

REAL Leadership Waken to Wisdom by Susan Robertson

REAL Leadership Waken to Wisdom

By Susan Robertson

Numerous books discuss becoming a better manager, but few address the internal transformation necessary for true leadership. "REAL Leadership: Waking to Wisdom" by Robertson is a standout resource that guides leaders through a journey of self-image improvement, mindset shifts, spiritual awakening, and the discovery of inner truth and honesty, leading to transcendence. This book is essential for anyone looking to fundamentally change from within, becoming more conscious, healthy, and positively impactful in both personal and professional spheres.

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