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In this The Can Do Way episode, Gail Gibson (Master Performance Coach, International Speaker, and Podcast Host & Author) talks to Susan Robertson (Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business) about her experience working with businesses focusing on executive leadership and cultural transformation, for over 31 years.

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Using the Business Roundtable's “Purpose of a Corporation”, which includes and defines the benefit of the 5 main stakeholders of business: Shareholders, community, employees, vendors/partners, and customers; Dr. Jane Lovas (Executive Coach, Visionary, Strategist, Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host) and Susan Robertson Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business) discuss how this shift in the purpose of business is possible, and how can it play out for leaders as companies move forward.

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Listen to a conversation between Lynn Carnes (Executive Coach, author of "Dancing the Tightrope", and Expert Facilitator) and Susan Robertson (Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business). You will hear the story of when Carnes was sure Robertson was sending her out to be attacked by the Texas Chainsaw guy when the biggest risk was really mosquitoes. That would be mind-created fear – and she dives deep into what we can do to keep those fears from robbing our joy. Susan also shares some deep coaching wisdom with several stories with clients – names changed to protect the innocent, of course.

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Alex Ureña and Juan Dominguez, host of the Purpose Podcast, invited Susan Robertson (Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business) to talk about the relevance of building value and leadership from within, a contribution to a better society built from the basis of human dignity.

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