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Susan Robertson

Founder and Managing Partner

Susan Robertson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC (LCB). For over 31 years, Susan has worked with businesses worldwide, focusing on executive leadership and cultural transformation. Susan is the author of REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom and her upcoming book, REAL Culture: The Catalyst for Conscious Business. Her passion is to support leaders, teams, and organizations, helping them find their direction and purpose by becoming REAL. Simply put, the REAL methodology increases bottom-line performance. Susan believes companies can be both profitable and compassionate. Susan is a long-time meditator; she enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge and skiing in Vail with her stepchildren and grandchildren.


Cynthia Medaglia

Managing Partner

Cynthia Medaglia is Co-Owner and COO of Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC. During her 35-year career as a leader in the energy sector, she has inspired and empowered others. She effectively transformed and led many multi-faceted and cross-functional teams. Cynthia’s current endeavor as an entrepreneur and partner with Linceis Conscious Business Group is to create opportunities to continue her commitment in enhancing organizations’ culture and transforming managers into leaders and transforming leaders into executives. In addition to LCB Group, Cynthia enjoys spending as much time as possible with her children as well as her large extended family. Cynthia greets each new day with excitement and looks forward to working with her clients and her business partners continually expanding her experiences and traveling to new and interesting places.

Genny Sanchez

Genny Sánchez

Project Coordinator

Genny Sánchez is a Project Coordinator at Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC and she resides in Venezuela. Her strong background in engineering, staff coordination, and customer service, makes her uniquely qualified to understand the issues facing our clients. Genny is multi-lingual being fluent in English and Spanish and currently studying her third language, she has a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Genny is a problem solver oriented to detail, reliable, and with a positive attitude, always willing to do her best and help others when needed, she strongly believes in the mission of Linceis Conscious Business Group. As an engineer, she understands and analyzes numbers and their behavior related to the studies we make, and what are they indicating to us to help people the best way we can. She enjoys watching tv-series and movies, reading exciting novels and scientific information, listening to music, spending time with her pets, and hanging out with family and friends.

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Fabio Pernía

Project Coordinator

Fabio Pernía is a Project Coordinator at Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC. He thrives in intellectually stimulating environments as he enjoys being a problem solver and applying his creativity. Fortunately, LCB has provided a wonderful outlet for him to exercise these skills. In his spare time, Fabio loves to read about politics, economics, and history. Additionally, he enjoys watching historical documentaries to learn about the past.

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