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Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson

Founder and Managing Partner

Susan Robertson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Linceis Conscious Business Group, LLC (LCB). For over 31 years, Susan has worked with businesses worldwide, focusing on executive leadership and cultural transformation. Susan is the author of REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom and her upcoming book, REAL Culture: The Catalyst for Conscious Business. Her passion is to support leaders, teams, and organizations, helping them find their direction and purpose by becoming REAL. Simply put, the REAL methodology increases bottom-line performance. Susan believes companies can be both profitable and compassionate. Susan is a long-time meditator; she enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge and skiing in Vail with her stepchildren and grandchildren.

Cynthia Medaglia

Cynthia Medaglia

 Managing Partner

Cynthia Medaglia is the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer at Linceis Conscious Business Group, boasting an impressive 35-year career in the energy sector characterized by purpose-driven leadership. She has been instrumental in transforming complex, cross-functional teams into models of unity and efficiency. Cynthia's role at Linceis is a reflection of her life's mission to enact significant, positive change in the world, one leader at a time. Her commitment to enhancing organizational culture has led her to focus on elevating managers to leaders and leaders to executives, based on her belief in leadership that creates a ripple effect of positive change well beyond the boardroom. Alongside her professional dedication, Cynthia is equally devoted to her family, cherishing moments with her children and extended family, and incorporating the values of love, support, and community into every aspect of her life.

Barry Robertson

Barry Robertson

 Co-Founder and  Managing Partner

Barry Robertson is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Linceis Conscious Business Group. For 30 years, he worked with clients around the globe, facilitating leadership seminars and consulting one-on-one. He is dedicated to guiding clients toward greater self-awareness and improving organizational performance. Barry's passion lies in coaching senior leaders to establish peak performance cultures for themselves, their employees, and their families. He also focuses on helping executives achieve extraordinary levels of self-awareness, enhancing their inner experiences, wisdom, emotional intelligence, clarity about life purpose and intentions, and the successful manifestation of intentions while mentoring others to do the same. His wealth of experience and dedication to personal and organizational growth make him a valuable asset to his clients.

Fabio Pernía

Fabio Pernía

Project Coordinator

Fabio Pernía is a Project Coordinator at Linceis Conscious Business Group. He thrives in intellectually stimulating environments as he enjoys applying his creativity. Fortunately, LCB has provided a wonderful outlet for him to exercise these skills.  Fabio has worked with small and medium-sized enterprises for over three years in marketing, client coordination, web design, SEO practices, research, and project management. While he performs many duties to help leverage small business owners, Fabio primarily focuses on web design and marketing. In his work in this area, he has mastered CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Kartra to help business owners track communications and nurture relationships with their leads and clients. In addition, he has also used Ahrefs & Clearscope for SEO, Midjourney for content creation, and Octopus for LinkedIn marketing.

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+90 years of combined experience.

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More than 2500 companies trust Linceis.

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Majority repeat clients +10 years.

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Worked with companies and executives in +25 countries.

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