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REAL Leadership
Waken to Wisdom

By Susan Robertson

Referencing research and 30 years’ worth of experience in leadership consulting and organizational and cultural transformation, Susan Robertson shows why leaders fail, why fear prevents leaders from really fulfilling their potential, and how they can recover through techniques of self-awareness and self-management. She also illustrates the impact leadership has on high- versus low-performing cultures.

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224 pages



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Publication Date

April 7, 2019

The author

Susan Robertson co-founded two businesses that facilitate personal and organizational transformation, starting from within.

Influenced by her own near-death experience, her mission is to help others find a transformative moment in their lives, to find their passion and purpose. She loves researching studies on how mindfulness, meditation, and yoga impact neurobiology and neurological wiring and their impact on stress-related behaviors (derailers). Susan uses this research to help her clients make the changes they want.

Susan enjoys the challenge of helping teams transform and become high-performing. She believes that assisting leaders in changing changes the world.

Susan Robertson

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A Valuable Tool

For individual leaders, teams, and organizations, REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom is a valuable tool for learning how to change the very nature of our inner being, become conscious, healthy, and well-adjusted, and bring positive energy to everything we do in life.

Many leaders struggle with self-awareness, hindering their effectiveness and team engagement. REAL Leadership: Waking to Wisdom provides a transformative journey for leaders, guiding them towards self-discovery, authenticity, and true leadership wisdom.

What Costumers Say

Chelsey McQuitty

"After reading this book, I feel that I have some amazing tips to back me up as I work to become the best possible leader that I can be. I feel a lot of the tips offered in this were also based on instincts that I have often pushed down because I felt like maybe they weren’t the right things to do. I plan on going more with my gut now that I have read this book though. Anyone is a leadership position is bound to feel more comfortable in this role after reading this book. You will find the author’s words to be incredible uplifting and helpful while also enjoying the writing style. "

Brian Aird

"Real leadership: Waken to Wisdom by Susan Robertson is a methodical step by step hand book that first of all explains what being real is all about and challenges the reader to take a candid look at their current leadership traits to the point of where they need to be. 

The book is professionally written and may just possibly be a must read for the leaders of today to lead the leadership team and engage in business realism."

Stephen R. Wilson

"A perfect addition to any leader’s library, this book centers on helping you become an authentic leader capable of inspiring others toward a common goal. The book is well-arranged into nine chapters with each chapter introducing you to new leadership traits. Robertson has integrated her professional and personal experiences into the book, making it a realistic read rather than a book based solely on theories and notions."

REAL leaders push off the comfort zone

rather than being defined by it.

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