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Driven to Make a Difference

Because everything rises and falls with leadership.

—John Maxwell

Linceis new eBook

Linceis has recently published an insightful eBook that provides an in-depth analysis of the skills and capabilities required to attain C-Level and executive senior positions. The author of this eBook, Susan Robertson, has extensively explored the challenges and obstacles faced by aspiring individuals in reaching these top-tier roles. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Robertson provides valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate the complex world of executive leadership and achieve success.

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Because Leadership Matters

It starts with REAL Leadership. REAL leaders lead are authentic, empower teamwork, and lead with wisdom and discernment. They serve their people, not themselves. REAL leaders are resilient, engaged, and agile. 

Without internal resilience and emotional intelligence, leaders are not as effective with inspiring, engaging, aligning and people and teams. 

Because Teamwork Matters

When your teams succeed, your company succeeds. Teamwork creates unity and fosters collaboration, inclusion, and belonging.


When people are aligned performance

is enhanced through synergy.

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REAL CulturalFitness™ Assessment

Because Culture Matters

Our REAL CulturalFitness™ Assessment provides the behavioral data analytics you need to determine what human needs are driving employee behavior, engagement, and satisfaction. 


Leaders and teams are provided a roadmap and learning modules to DIY their cultural performance, engaging

everyone at all organizational levels. 

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Companies trust Linceis

I’ve worked with Susan Robertson for more than 20 years, a relationship that has dramatically transformed me as a leader, allowing me to perform with distinction in the Fortune 500 and non-profit sectors. She helped me see the behaviors that got in my way and understand how to move beyond them so that I could advance to a seat at the senior leadership table, and ultimately the role of chief executive. As CEO, working with Susan has helped me learn how to turn down the noise that can distract a leader, freeing me to keep my energies focused on vision and strategy. In the areas of culture and team, Susan has assembled a unique set of qualitative and quantitative tools to help an organization understand its culture and the changes needed to establish teams that can achieve breakthrough results. Her people-oriented work has measurable outcomes that elevate organizational performance. Change the text and add your own.

Samantha Turner | Executive Director

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