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Our REAL Leadership and REAL Culture methodology is the center of leadership and cultural assessments, combined with learning and development, leading to sustained behavioral change.


The way we work has changed. Our REAL CulturalFitness™ assessment combined with our strategic culture consulting provides real-time data on culture with a roadmap for improvement. Businesses and their leaders obtain a complete line-of-sight view of cultural effectiveness or under-performance, by leader, division, and level.


Leaders play a key role influencing the culture and performance. REAL Leadership is an assessment, methodology, and a way of leading. Build and create sustainable change with your leaders using our leadership workout center, executive coaching, eCourses, and virtual and live workshops.


Understand by leader, department and by level the impact leaders have on culture and where culture is strong or where support is needed. Our built-in roadmap with leadership and team workout resources provides the tools needed for sustainable development and transformation.

Our assessments measure how well the organization addresses the human needs of inclusion, belonging, equity, caring and striving for humanity in the workplace.

2500+ Companies trust Linceis®
“This year was really tough. As a result of the assessments and understanding the specific drivers of leadership and cultural effectiveness, we used the pulse and microlearning technology to stay close to our people. This allowed us to be agile and stay on track with our action plans. We became stronger as a team surpassing our stated goals even with COVID 19 challenges.”

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Upcoming Lunch with Linceis Webinar November 17th: The 4 Pillars of Empowerment™

Upcoming Lunch with Linceis Webinar November 17th: The 4 Pillars of Empowerment™

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