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Case Studies


Linceis impact

Download our case studies highlighting the bottom-line impact 


Multi-national Software and Service Provider

Case Study

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the effectiveness of executive coaching to overall organizational effectiveness. Learn how, one Vice President was promoted and increased her scope, by focusing on improving leadership behavior and the culture of her team and herself. The outcome created higher retention of mid-management and led to improved cultural effectiveness and increased customer satisfaction.


Global Financial Services 

Case Study

Despite COVID, learn how a team surpassed doubled their revenue and added $35 million to the bottom line by focusing on improving trust and increasing collaboration which led to improved teamwork and alignment.


National Fitness Conglomerate

Case Study

Just as we like to be healthy and fit, this National Fitness organization realized they were not capitalizing on the natural synergies between their 5 different businesses. Instead, each business operated as a silo. The lost synergies meant lost revenue. Learn how the CEOs of each business came together to create an aligned and cohesive strategy by dropping their competitive attitudes and becoming collaborative. This simple behavioral change moved the organization from red to black.

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