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Blueprint to C-Level Success Program

The Executive Path
The Blueprint for Executive
and C-Level Success 

The Tools You Need to Become a Senior or C-Level Executive

Improve Leadership Effectivenes

Meeting Room

Have You Experienced This...


You get great feedback on your year-end reviews but get passed over for key promotions.


You were told you were a candidate to succeed your boss, but didn't get the job.


Recruiters call you for executive roles, then ghost you.


You made it to the final 2 or 3 candidates, and the hiring company selects another candidate… and you don’t know why.

If you have experienced any of these situations, then the Blueprint for C-Level Success™ is the masterclass for you.   

What You Will Discover


What C-Level executives and boards look for when evaluating leaders for executive roles and how to position yourself confidently.


How to cultivate executive presence and distinction, inspiring executive-level management's confidence in you. 


The 4C’s of C-Level Success and how to transform from a leader into an executive. 

By attending the Blueprint to C-Level Success program you will build your executive presence, learn how to manage corporate politics, discover and transform emotional intelligence derailers, and equip yourself to reach your personal and career goals. 

The 4C's of C-Level Success

Improve Leadership Effectiveness

Become a C-Level Executive

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Ten Reasons To Attend 

Blueprint for C-Level Success Program

Our Flagship Executive Development Program

The Executive Path and Blueprint for Executive and C-Level Success is our flagship executive mentoring and coaching program designed for high-potential leaders who:

  • Aspire to secure their place at the decision-making table;

  • Desire acknowledgment and advancement based on their skills and aptitude;

  • Possess the emotional intelligence necessary for effective influence;

  • Have the leadership capacity to guide organizations toward future success.

Our Track Record


Susan reached out at a pivot point in my career journey. We had several conversations getting to know each other and then she offered to be my executive coach. Suffice it to say, it was a great decision to run with her. She was the catalyst to help bring clarity to the vision I was forming.

Scott Wilson

Beyond Capital Funds | Investment Committee

The Blueprint for C-Level Success
Will Help You: 

Gain Clarity

Build CLARITY about your goals, objectives, your skills, your derailers, and provide tools for personal and professional transformation. 

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Increase Commitment

Create the COMMITMENT you need to obtain your aspirations. Many leaders feel like they know what they want to achieve but often find they are held back by conflicting commitments or other unconscious goals that derail their chances of becoming an executive. 

Catalyze Change

Catalyze and energize BEHAVIORAL TRANSFORMATION to ensure that when you are in contention for C-Level roles, you have addressed and transformed hidden behavioral obstacles so that you can be seen as the front-runner for C-Level roles.

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Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Create Consistency

Change behavior allowing you to reach for the stars. This requires CONSISTENCY. The Blueprint will help you create consistency by building your personal blueprint to C-Level Success. 

Attend the Blueprint for C-Level Success Free Webinar


Virtual and Online


3 Months | 1-2 hours per week


6 sessions

The Executive Path and Blueprint Roadmap


The on demand course begins upon registration.


We work together to establish your measures of success and schedule the first four mentoring sessions.  


Once we establish your goals and measures of success, we will customize the mentoring and coaching approach to ensure you get the support you need to level up your leadership and obtain senior, executive, and C-level roles.


You gain immediate access to exclusive previous webinars, including:

  • How to Write a Resume that Gets You Noticed.

  • Navigating Corporate Politics.

  • What CEO’s and Boards Look for in Key Executives.

  • How to Create Distinction and Executive Presence.


You will be invited to participate in exclusive webinars on key topics on the insights and skills you need to reach the C-Level.


Upon completion of the Blueprint you will be invited to attend our monthly coaching calls to keep you consistent in your journey and obtain on-the-spot live coaching to help you succeed.

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