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4 Tips to Becoming an Inspirational Leader and Creating a Vibrant Culture

It starts with you, the leader! You must feel inspired and vibrant yourself. Do you demonstrate high-energy characteristics?

When working with your team are you:

  • Intense, eager, and appreciative?

  • Highly communicative?

  • Focused on team results, yet attentive to the needs of individual contributors?

  • Firm in convictions with a vision on how to lead people to excellence?

  • Do you have good judgment of people and situations however you are not judgmental?

High-energy leaders can help transform people, teams, and entire organizations in specific ways.

As a leader, be inspiring and vibrant by getting people's attention, often in entertaining ways.

Tell stories or use dramatic or humorous illustrations to spark interest and make a point. When people are entertained, they listen intently. The ideas and concepts conveyed are memorable. By practicing this method, you can educate employees on handling tough situations and winning support for new initiatives and transformation.

As a leader, be eager, willing, and able to innovate.

You and your team can realize success frequently when providing a foundation for more and more innovation. When everyone is eager and willing, everyone becomes efficient in completing day-to-day assignments which provides more time to investigate new ideas or make adjustments based on changes in newly discovered insights.

And, though you and the team do not seek failure, this prospect is not paralyzing. All of your intellectual, emotional, and physical efforts are not tied to the success of a solitary initiative. Reserves of energy are always available to adjust or tackle more projects.

Model innovation. This incites and inspires employees. They also gain practical knowledge of how new ideas are envisioned, communicated, developed, introduced, refined, launched, implemented, and most importantly, celebrated.

As an energized leader, you draw strength and endurance from interaction with your employees. Be tireless in bringing your employees into the loop. People are attracted to those who value them and their presence and who can help them achieve excellent levels of performance.

As an energized leader, you exude confidence and easily transfer this buoyancy to other people, not just at the launch of a new initiative but also for the long haul. When everyone else is tired and just going through the motions, the leader with high energy remains focused, doing their best work and demonstrating certainty of success. This inspires your team to do the same. This certainty can instill confidence in your employees. The presence of someone with boundless energy assures people that they will always have the support needed to be successful.

So, remember these 4 Tips:

Tip 1 - Be the high-energy leader by communicating through entertainment, engagement, and education.

Tip 2 - Increase innovation by being eager, willing, and able to innovate. You and your team can realize success frequently, providing a foundation for more and more innovation.

Tip 3 - Build teamwork through inclusion and encourage contribution to the team.

Tip 4 - Instill confidence by demonstrating enthusiasm, reassurance, and perseverance

The high-energy leader can raise the bar of performance, elevate results, and make hard work fun. People are inspired by high-energy leaders. When the employees are enthusiastic and innovative, the culture is vibrant.


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