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Are you interested in

possibly becoming a

career growth


C-Level Executive?

By attending the Blueprint to C-Level Success program you will build your executive presence, learn how to manage corporate politics, discover, and transform emotional intelligence derailers, and equip yourself to reach your personal and career goals. 


Virtual and Online


6 Weeks | 2-4 hours per week


12 sessions

What can the Blueprint do for you? 
It will help you:

Build CLARITY about your goals, objectives, your skills, your derailers, and provide tools for personal and professional transformation. 

Create the COMMITMENT you need to obtain your aspirations. Many leaders feel like they know what they want to achieve, but often find they are held back by conflicting commitments or other unconscious goals that derail their chances to become an executive. 

Catalyze and energize behavioral transformation to ensure that when you are in contention for C-Level roles, you have addressed and transformed hidden behavioral obstacles so that you can be seen as the front-runner for C-Level roles.

Change behavior allowing you to reach for the stars. This requires CONSISTENCY. The #6WeekBlueprint will help you create consistency by building your personal blueprint to C-Level Success. 

Find Out If You Qualify for the #6WeekBlueprint Program

Did You Know That:


Recruiters, human resources directors, and Bots, screen out resumes in 5-7 seconds? 

Does your resume pass the 7 second screen?


Most C-Level executives had a mentor to show them how to become an executive?


There is a difference between being a high-performing

team player and leader and

an executive leader

Our Track Record

Scott Wilson.jpeg
Susan reached out at a pivot point in my career journey. We had several conversations getting to know each other and then she offered to be my executive coach. Suffice it to say, it was a great decision to run with her. She was the catalyst to help bring clarity to the vision I was forming.

Scott Wilson

Beyond Capital Funds | Investment Committee

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The Benefits of the #6WeekBlueprint


Discover what boards and CEO’s look for from C-Level and key executives.


Create your personal brand and distinction to help you stand out from others.


Understand your value proposition and how to articulate that clearly and succinctly.


Build your network and influence key stakeholders who can help you on your C-Level.


Identify what holds you back from obtaining executive roles.


Transform leadership derailers into strengths.


Build your unique blueprint and chart your way to the roles you desire.


Create a resume and bio that stand out. 


Identify and improve your core capabilities enabling you build on your strengths.


Transform from a high-performing leader to an essential business executive.

The Blueprint Roadmap

The course begins May 30 and finishes July 11.

Upon registration you gain immediate access to our Blueprint for C-Level Success eCourse. This way you can start immediately even before the live program begins.

You will be invited to participate in exclusive webinars with on key topics on the insights and skills you need to reach the C-Level.

Upon completion of the Blueprint you will be invited to attend our monthly coaching calls to keep you consistent in your journey and obtain on-the-spot live coaching to help you succeed.








We meet Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 PM (ET) and Thursday afternoons from 4-5 PM (ET).

You gain immediate access to exclusive previous webinars including:

  • How to Write a Resume that Gets You Noticed.

  • Navigating Corporate Politics.

  • What CEO’s and Boards Look for in Key Executives.

  • How to Create Distinction and Executive Presence.

All classes are recorded so that you can review them at any time.

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