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The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step. 

—Lao Tzu

REAL Leadership: Waken to Wisdom

By Susan Robertson

Leaders today are often unconscious and unaware of how their learned fears, egos, and personality flaws adversely affect their effectiveness in dealing with others. Their followers are not engaged, not motivated, and not performing at their best. Leaders need to be authentic, manage from their hearts, be consistent with their beliefs, emanate trust and transparency, and allow their followers to be free to create, share, and excel at what they do best.

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Being REAL means taking the journey of personal transformation to become more aware and conscious and to move beyond the known to courageously move into the unknown.

Susan Robertson
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REAL leaders push off the comfort zone rather than being defined by it.

Susan Robertson

Referencing research and 30 years’ worth of experience in leadership consulting and organizational and cultural transformation, Robertson shows why leaders fail, why fear prevents leaders from really fulfilling their potential, and how they can recover through techniques of self-awareness and self-management. She also illustrates the impact leadership has on high- versus low-performing cultures.

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from within

While there are many books 

out there on how to manage

better, there are few, if any,

that talk about changing from

within. Robertson addresses

the transformative process

that helps leaders change their

self-image, reframe their minds,

awake spiritually, find inner truth

and honesty, and achieve a level

of transcendence–all critical

elements of leadership wisdom.

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The author

Susan Robertson is the co-founder of two businesses that facilitate personal and organizational transformation, starting from within.

Influenced by her own near-death experience, her mission is to help others find a transformative moment in their lives, to find their own passion and purpose. She loves researching studies on how mindfulness, meditation, and yoga impact the neurobiology and neurological wiring and their impact to stress-related behaviors (derailers). Susan uses this research to help her clients make the changes they want to make.

Susan enjoys the challenge of helping teams transform and become high-performing. She believes that helping leaders change, changes the world.

Susan Robertson

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