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...Even if You’ve Been Previously Overlooked

Or Not Selected for Sought-After Executive Roles

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Blueprint for C-Level Success

Free Master Class Webinar Reveals Strategies for

How High-Performing Leaders 

can ascend to Senior Level and

C-Level Executives

without Jeopardizing their Path to


Has this happened to you...


You get great feedback on your year-end reviews but get passed over for key promotions.


You were told you were a candidate to succeed your boss, but didn't get the job.


Recruiters call you for executive roles, then ghost you.


You made it to the final 2 or 3 candidates, and the hiring company selects another candidate… and you don’t know why.

If you have experienced any of these situations, then the Blueprint for C-Level Success™ is the masterclass for you.   

By Attending the Free Webinar What You Will Discover

Part 1

What C-Level executives and boards look for when evaluating leaders for executive roles and how to position yourself confidently.

Part 2

How to cultivate executive presence and distinction, inspiring executive-level management confidence in you. 

Part 3

The 4C’s of C-Level Success and how to transform from a leader into an executive. 

Meet some of our clients….

Scott Wilson.jpeg
Susan reached out at a pivot point in my career journey. We had several conversations getting to know each other and then she offered to be my executive coach. Suffice it to say, it was a great decision to run with her. She was the catalyst to help bring clarity to the vision I was forming.

Scott Wilson

Beyond Capital Funds | Investment Committee
Susan Robertson Profile Pic


Susan Robertson

Coached and Mentored 32 CEOs and 200+ C-Suite Executives.

Supported and Developed 1000+ Leaders into Senior Roles.

Creator of the Blueprint for C-Level Success™.

Author: REAL Leadership Waken to Wisdom, REAL Culture: Your Competitive Advantage, and contributing author to The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change.

The Blueprint for C-Level Success™

The Blueprint for C-Level Success is our flagship executive mentoring and coaching strategy for high-potential leaders who:

  • Aspire to secure their place at the decision-making table;

  • Desire acknowledgment and advancement based on their skills and aptitude;

  • Possess the emotional intelligence necessary for effective influence;

  • Have the leadership capacity to guide organizations toward future success.



Executives need a clear vision of their goals and values. Clarity empowers you to comprehend your capabilities and limitations, steer your career toward your aspirations, and thwart self-inflicted barriers obstructing your growth.


Executives must have the capability to convert their leadership weaknesses into strengths. Catalyzation refers to energizing, mobilizing, and transforming. During this stage, you’ll learn to behaviorally change your weaknesses and develop the executive presence and abilities needed to become a key executive.


Ascending to a senior executive role demands emotional intelligence skills, cultural compatibility, and strategic capacities. We explore critical emotional intelligence aspects that dictate the success or failure of a high-performing leader's advancement. 


Leaders and executives need consistency and strategy to achieve their career growth plans.  Creating a strategic roadmap with clear milestones will ensure you remain on course to achieve both your personal and professional goals. 

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10 Reasons Why You Want to Take Our Blueprint for C-Level Success Program


Amplify Your Voice, Distinguish Yourself, And Create Executive Presence

Take steps to set yourself apart and ensure your unique talents, achievements, and knowledge are fully recognized. Enhancing your profile and drawing attention to your merits is pivotal for advancing your career.


Uncover The Traits Sought After In Top-level Executives By The Board

The board of directors, responsible for appointing the CEO and having significant sway over C-Suite hires, possess specific expectations for their candidates. Understand these expectations, align your qualifications and reputation accordingly, and boost your chances of securing a spot in the C-Suite or stepping into the CEO role.


Master The Art Of Navigating Corporate Politics

Grasp the intricacies of successfully navigating corporate politics, casual power structures, and intra-organizational relationships to increase your influence over decision-making processes within your organization.

Acknowledge What's Holding You Back From The Ceo Or C-level Position


Identify the obstacles and elusive requirements preventing you from ascending to a C-Level or CEO role.


Turn Your Leadership Hurdles Into Assets

Identify and address the elements that are keeping you from progressing. Transform these impediments into advantages that will propel you to unprecedented heights of success and mold you into an authentic, effective leader.


Identify The Triggers That Lead You Into Detrimental Behavioral Patterns

Steer clear of spontaneous, reactive responses to unconscious triggers and morph into a wiser decision-maker who avoids reputation-damaging career-stunting errors.


Forge Ties With Key Stakeholders

Uncover the strategies to enter influential circles and cultivate professional relationships with board members and investors, thereby creating opportunities for assuming a C-Level role or CEO position.


Develop Political Savvy

Empower yourself with the necessary strategies, skills, and resources to thrive in a cutthroat corporate world. Learn to forge solid relationships, make savvy decisions, and smoothly steer through the corporate political terrain. 


Enhance And Build Upon Your Strengths, And Plan Your Future Moves

Identify your strengths and plot the subsequent steps needed to boost your abilities and potential.


Evolve From A Competent Leader Into A C-suite Executive

Experience a transformative shift as you move from an accomplished leader to an innovative, determined, inspiring, results-driven, respected, and highly successful business executive.

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